Travelling with a Disabled Child

cheap car rentalsChildren mostly like to travel and travelling can be especially beneficial for children with disabilities, as it gives them the opportunity to experience a bigger world and enjoy a life like that of a normal child. But given the restrictions in your child’s life, you, as a parent, may feel apprehensive about the safety of your kid when going on a tour. This apprehension is mostly regarding the fact that special children usually live in a predictable and stable environment; and providing them with the same outside home can be a bit challenging.

However, you will be happy to know that you can after all travel with your disabled child successfully. And this success depends on careful planning and making the best use of the available options you get at your travel destination.

Start researching

This is the first thing you need to do if you want to travel successfully with a special child. Search the internet or ask your friends about travel agents who offer special services for disable kids. Enquire about things like if the hotels you are planning to stay have washrooms that can be handicapped accessible, has special ramps and those wash rooms can accommodate a wheelchair.

Airport Security

Airport security is often a long process. Hence, first and foremost, you need to be patient with the process and your child as well.

Let the security guards know about the medical equipment that may trigger security alarms. Lift the special kid out of the way so that security personnel can carry on with their work.

Explain them about the possible upsets and the different ways in which you can soothe your kid to make your travel experience with him or her smoother.

Airplane ride

Having a flight with disabled children can be difficult as it may cause inconvenience to other passengers. In order to keep your child entertained, bring along with you things that can keep him or her busy; also, remember to keep the medicines handy.

Try to get a front row seat so that the child cannot cause inconvenience to fellow passengers by kicking the back of the seats. Taking a non-stop flight can also be helpful in minimizing the complexities of travelling with a disabled kid.

What if you are travelling independently by a car?

When you have a special child at home, you need to do some extra planning before getting yourself a car. Try to choose a spacious car that can accommodate a wheelchair. Get swivel seats, hoists and wheelchair systems which can help the kid get in and out of the car. Get ramps, a stowage system etc. to get the wheelchair in and out of the car. WAVs or wheelchair accessible vehicles can also be helpful. Get cheap car rentals from Autorent Europe.

Some general tips:

  • Try to get yourself booked with a travel agency that specializes in disabled travelling. Doing so can make travelling easier for the kid.
  • Let the pediatrician know about your tour plans so that he or she can advice you on whether your child is fit for travelling.
  • Keep medicines and prescriptions handy.
  • Carry specialist equipment along with you.
  • Any special dietary requirements.

If you can manage to follow these rules and regulations, you can be sure to have a safe and smooth travel with a disabled child.

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