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Utilize the most when you travel to London. Here we give the best advice on how to travel to London, what is the right time to travel to London and the places to visit in London. London travel would be an amazing adventure when you plan it right.  Here are few tips to travel to London.

London is expensive

London Travel

Yes, it’s a must to agree that London is expensive. But where does the cost incur when you are on a trip to London? It would be mostly on the stay, transportation and sightseeing. But you can make the best planning your trip to London smartly.

3 Important Travel Tips for making your London Trip Less Expensive

For your stay, you can book cheap hotels in London. When you decide that you want to go to London, always choose to book your hotels in advance. This provides you great discount hotel rates on London hotels both during season times and off-season.

Secondly, hiring a taxi to go around the places in London might be very expensive. Better hire a car in London. If you are a small family or solo traveler or few friends, hire a car which can conveniently accommodate you and travelers along with you. Don’t spend much on a expensive luxury car. Go for a economy or standard car in London. If you are planning a long road trip in London, then you can opt for a SUV, else go easy with a small car.

Last but no least, any one on a tour is for a sightseeing. Except few parks, most of the attractions and sightseeing places are paid. Look for online deals and book the tickets to certain places in London. If you are on groups, contact an travel agency, who can offer you better deals on London travel packages along with sightseeing.

Its simple, spend more time on planning and come up with the right plan. This helps you be happy in London at lesser cost with maximum enjoyment.

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